Are Your Wings For Me?

Im lost in a sea of my own mental confusion
Where I’ve hidden myself so well
I couldn’t even begin to tell
you who I really am
but I’m learning…
I’m just a girl with doubt
and insecurities
lost in the purity
of your brown eyes
that hopes one day
I can be enough,
but at the same time
I don’t want to ask for too much
but where does the line cross?
I find comfort in your wings
and warmth in your touch
but the problem is I think too much
I think that you won’t like me
when the layers start to peel
and I try really hard to mask what I feel
because people don’t care
about the things i try to share
and although thats not true for you
something about your consistence
patience and ability to make everything okay
Please forgive my circumstance because
I wonder if you’ll stay.
and I can’t help but question
Are your wings for me?
Or the time being?

Guardian Angel…?

Great was the wait..
and they say things worth having
aren’t easy to obtain,
but this angel came falling
and I don’t know if it’s my calling,
but I’m lost and I’m found
in the sea of brown
because you see me…
Beyond the lights
even in the night
you see me….
You see….
In me?
Which couldn’t be
See I preferred the hot pursuit
When I served
and you missed
But now you follow through
or Do you?
My perception is tainted by infatuation
on the lonely road to emptiness
because I’m to give you all
that you want or need, but as reality sinks
you want things, but not me
Or if I’m what you want
its very difficult to see.
But I put myself in the position to be
used, but not needed so I won’t say Im
When I was the very one to jump in the sea of brown
and I’m tumbling down
Into the abyss
Where you have the net, but you seem to miss
I’ve confirmed that I’m still lost
and now i refuse to be found.

A Mount of Nothing

I’m not surprised that I’m not good enough…
Many actions and reactions suppressed at my expense.
I’m tired of wanting to be good enough
and recognized, but at the same time
I crave it.
You know the feeling when you’re all they want
the only one…
when your happiness is their happiness
and they’ll put whatever aside to achieve that.
That’s me
Always on this one-way street
In rain, snow, or sleet
I make it my disposition to be in that
where you’re never alone or lonely on a cloudy day.
You say I deserve sunshine, but you steal my rays
And I let you,
That’s just me.
Giving and giving cause they say what is meant
shall be.
But now your cup runneth over
I’m begging you to come over
and your basking in the glory of yourself
and I’m drowning in an empty well
wagering my last coin
wishing that one day
I too will be good enough.
that’s just me
And maybe I’ll never be.

Scattered at Night

Do you want to play a game?
Were your words when I was strapped down to the bed unable to speak.
You were close enough to touch, but for some unknown reason, my eyes couldn’t see.
Finally, someone wants me, but I don’t know who that someone could be.
You play your games late at night and it haunts me.
it pleasures me to be desired at the most undesirable hours, but
then you’re no comfort in the sunlight.
Maybe it’s because we both have secrets, secrets that can never come to light.
If they knew the real us, they’d never want us.
And that’s all we want. The comfort of being wanted is a warm blindfold.
I tangle with the devil at night and tip toe around Christ by day, but what can I say?
We all need something to believe in and who knows what the truth is?
To be honest, I’m so far from the truth my name should be a synonym for liar. I just don’t know. I’m so far withdrawn sometimes I don’t even know what the real truth is. I think it’s because I want to be wanted. I liked to feel needed, but I hate to be used. But even when I’m used my availability doesn’t waiver.
I’m lost, I’m cold and the dark is approaching, I guess I’ll see you tonight… that is if you want me.

Glutton For Spoiled Milk

I take a sip then i feel it
You got what I want, but not what I need
Your comfort, you’re warmth, your protection,
but I’m unsure of your intentions.
You got what i want, but not what I need
Calcium, my strength, but also my vitamin D.
I churn for you, i yearn for you,
but thats just how I do
the farther I get into this glass
I’m not sure how long this will last
Now I’m on the toilet contemplating
Maybe that last sip done did it
But I’ll still let you hit
I just want to be wanted you see
And you say there’s something about me
but I’m sure there was something about her
because she got to you before it went bad
So you say..
But she comes first
And I’m indulging on what she had
Or has?
I can’t keep track
I just know I can’t seem to stop drinking
the milk that does my body good
…but my heart and mind so bad.

Afternoon Delight

Can I be your sweet afternoon delight?

You don’t drink so perhaps a cold coke or sprite.

Instead of the mistress of midnight

Can I be your friend before the day ends.

OR will I remain a late night summer fling

Throughout the day we share sweet nothings

I don’t know why I always fall for this

A warm hug and a sweet kiss

This game I play I seem to be unequipt

Take the lead I’ll follow strong

Or am I missing your very words

Mistaken for kicks

The days go by as our time grows shorter

and at times I leave you unamused


Maybe its best this way

I know I can’t stay

Which is probably why this is how things have come to be

The lack of knowledge on this thing makes it hard for me to compete

Insufficient Funds


Why am I infatuated with love, but love does not love me?

It’s not suppose to hurt this bad, or this much, or for this long, but it does.

All the good times shared to prove the love and bond go out the window faster than the beat to your favorite rap song.

Can I be your favorite rap song?

Put me on repeat, recite me, but don’t you dare get tired.

Just Love me…

Love me…

Love me..

Oh how I wish you could just love me, like that rap song.

I want to be everything, but I am always reminded that I’m not

It hurts that you forget how much I love and how much I care

and the depths to which I would go

Because at times.. oh those dark times…

you mean more to me than life its self at times

I thought I expressed that.. but I guess it’s not enough

Why is it not enough to weaken the blows of your angry words?

Or have I shortchanged myself in the piggy bank of respect

Please forgive me, because Daddy left such a huge debt,

a debt I replaced with the finance of your love

and i find myself bankrupt in your absence

I need your return before Depression starts calling like Collections

Deafening Silence

Have you ever heard a heart shatter?

Well I did.

Loud and clear

First there was a sharp pain then

My chest paused when

my breathe stopped

and the intense beating

went silent

then BOOM

I used my hands to ease the blow

as the shards pierced my soul

Then froze like a cartoon

When they realized there was no way to go

to escape the pain from the implosion

Ain’t no sunshine since you’re gone

My world has darkened

and there was no where to go, but


They dropped

At once

a hundred million together forevers

are never forever





How could anyone not hear that?


Unorganized Thoughts of a Discombobulated Teen



Chuckle Mr. Giggle

Being tickled as I Wiggle

Juvenile in thought

Mature in mind

Mine… You are.. or at least I want you to be

Least is what you expect of me because I’m not what you want me to be.

Bee.. Buzzing on a hot summer day

Sweet Honey slowly burning on the stove.

Mama’s cooking those sweet biscuit again.

Or at least I wish she would

Mama don’t cook no more

Supposedly I’m old enough to care for myself

My own job, My own money, Pay my portion of the bills

But Ma, I’m only 16

“I came to the states when I was 16, and never did I complain about taking care of myself,”

It’s a new age, she’ll never understand.

Misunderstood I remain

Until the value of hard work falls upon me.

Me? Yet who is she? or Who is I?

In question..

Questions I’m afraid to answer for I am afraid finding my purpose becomes the end of me.

Oh God!

You call him, but never see him, yet he’s there protecting me

Well my hearts broken, I’m not a cover girl, the most likes I get are on the internet.

Where is he now?

Where was daddy when I was growing up

Too many kids to care for one

Confined between thick bullet-proof glass

Draped in orange dressing,


Labels put on the man inside a place of maximum security

Then why don’t I feel secure.

Vulnerable indeed, because I’ve been looking for love

Yet love is yet to find me.

Where is she? Or He?

Whatever society expects me to be.

Expectation are the beings of our disappointment.

Yet I expect less and still disappointed by my ability to be more.

Or lack there of

But what do I know

I’m 17 now, still not cover girl material, and the most likes I get are on facebook.


The Monster in Me that Craved You

The monsters were under my bed

In my closet

Please oh please mommy Check..

She never did.

Fetal position wrapped up tight in my blanket

I felt the dark red eyes on me

I felt the claws pulling at my blanket

It wanted me.

They wanted me

But I wanted you mommy.

But mommy didn’t want me.

Swimming lessons

My feet barely grazed the bottom

But I was safe in your hold

Then the instructor said “Let go”

You did just that.

The monster pulled me down

It tried to swallow

I hopped from foot to foot

Jumping for the safety of your hold

You laughed,


As you thought I was doing a dance

As I reached High School

The monsters were in my head

No need to call for mommy

Those dependent days were dead

I baked those monsters

Flying high

I didn’t need an airplane,

They liked that.

They liked me.

I wasn’t scared anymore

They wanted me.

They demanded more,

They wanted more…

From me

The adrenaline wasn’t enough

I popped a few to feel myself.

A few sips when the feelings became too much

The monsters got louder

I wasn’t giving them enough

That was okay, I was just happy they wanted me

I quit that nine to three

Because teachers only spoke on what I could potentially be

The monster wasn’t hungry

So we decided not to eat

It only got louder,

I think you heard it too,

That night you found me powder nosed

We knelt at the pew,

You cried for me,

The way I use to cry for you,

You held me long that night

Your embrace was warm and tight

Finally I thought I did something right

I haven’t heard from the monster since that night.