Unsweetened Survival

Basket full of apples
Some how I picked a bad one
Like a bad pun
No hon-ey
for my tea
Just like me
Cause sugar is the thing that attracts bees
Ravage through your colony
Leaving nothing but stings
That’s not my kind of thing
Hoodie on
Zipped up
No ties
Thats how a real bad ass wolf survives



How dare you pretend to understand
The only thing we have common is that
everything we did, we do it for you
You’re out there with your friends now
While I’m holding my head down
Praying to sleep
When the loneliness creep
Writing this In the same bed
Read it and weep
But thats my problem now
You care as long as there’s timeouts and your opponent’s controller is down
Out of bounds
Out of a touch
I don’t want you as much
You’re everything I wish I never had
And i’m not sad
I’m mad
That I let myself be stupid
Like c’mon only a fool believes in cupid
Cause love doesn’t strike
In the dark loneliness of night.
You may say I wrote this out of spite
But it is what it is
Or is what it isn’t
I can’t wait to be done because this feeling is prison
Bound the feelings I no longer want within
The thought of you should be a sin
My dark twisted fantasy
But you aint no Kanye
Yet I put you on the pedestal
Mr. Oh don’t worry it’ll get better though
There’s a few things you’ll never know
Ego blind and Pride covered
King of the jungle bullshit
I hate what I allowed you to do to me
Thank me, but fuck you
I wish I never fucked you
I wish you never answered that text after weeks of trying
Now I’m washed up
Hung up
To change emotions with potions
To wash away the stain of you
The pain of you
The I can’t believe I’m just a maybe too
In this elixir of life I got one thing for you
An immeasurable bag of resentment
Full of things I should of saved for Mr. I do too.