Broken Wreckord

How does one measure devotion
There’s no recipe for this love potion
or poison
I don’t know, pick one.
But that’s a hard choice to make
a hard pill to swallow
but without it, my insides are hollow
Do I fuel up on sugar filled snacks
or deprive myself of any of that
That as in love, or food, or sex, or life
My indecision brings me strife
I want nothing more, but to be
a happy mother and wife
If I do too much it’ll scare you
Too little then you’d think I don’t care too
But I’m missing all the ingredients to your elixir
or maybe I’m not tasting all that’s there
I just want to hear
That you’re all here
All In
But in this world that’s a sin
There’s money to be made
Job’s to be had
Goals to reach
and I’m one of few
Whose mantra is “Love is key”
So excuse me while I use Ben Franklin’s face to burn my weed
Because without love nobody can succeed
But that’s just my world
So please tell me how I can measure devotion
in a society
Where money comes before love
and if I don’t stand by you
I get left at the bayou
singing the same broken song.


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