Like A Snapshot

Like a Snapshot
Memory Fades and it’s all a daze

But like a snapshot

I capture the moment

Only to lock it away 

In solitary of my mind 

With the filthiest, begrimed memories of them all.

Irony in that is that I’m farther away from freedom then when it all started.

Like a snapshot 

You’ll be back 

With the creak of a door in the pitch black of night.

Or with the slightest touch felt without warning 

Or when the warm summer breeze kisses my neck.

The prisoners escape from their cage

Emptying the time capsule 

Like pills I pray to God I don’t take

When the monsters taunt me at night

To take away my precious life 

That My God and my mother worked tirelessly to keep.

Until then I will lock these memories away like my mother did the pills and the knives

Like a snapshot