Dear Chipped Paint

Dear Chipped Paint,
You are old, tired and worn out.
You were spread thin in somebody else’s image to create beauty and happiness.
You were held to a high regard with many expectations.
You have served your purpose.
But now you are old, tired and worn out.
You’ve spent months sometimes years without maintenance.
For others to marvel over and appreciate and to enjoy the ambiance you create
But now you are old, tired and worn out.
You didn’t ask to be here, but you stayed strong.
You’ve held up as long as you could and nobody can help you as you begin to chip away piece by piece.
Most will look at you and want to replace you
But I want to know your story.
You hold lies, laughs, secrets, stories both good and bad.
You’ve seen many come and go constantly being left behind.
The weight of a building is on your shoulders.
Yet you never make a sound
You just silently break away finding your peace in pieces.
I want to free you of your burdens
Let you know that you have fulfilled the hearts of many
Just because you chip doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of love and appreciation.
One day someone other than me will realize your worth despite all that you’ve been through
You may be old, tired and worn out to some
But to me your well seasoned, poised and a work of art.

Your Secret Admirer


To Be Unstable

To be unstable
Is like walking the fine line of heaven and hell
One minute you’re eating ice cream in paradise
the next you’ve fell out of your beach chair onto the scorching hot sand.
You’re dizzy, you’re confused and it seems like the World is not on your side.
One minute you’re in love
the next minute you’re questioning whether or not you’re good enough
Then reality hits… you’re not
And you never will be
You’re enough for people to tolerate, but never enough for them to want.