Premeditated Murder

You spent all day conjuring up the words to soften the blow when you broke my heart.How bout that? 

It was just yesterday I shared the pains that scarred that same heart you claimed you didn’t want to break.

How bout that?

It was all good just a week ago when I was loving you unconditionally for nothing in return.

How bout that?

Just a month ago I tried to free you from the burden of my life but you forced your way back inside.

How bout that? 

Seven months of unrequited love broken for the transparency you demanded, which is just a reminder that I’m too much for anyone to handle, let alone love.

How bout that? 

You met me hanging on by a thread 

 Restored my faith in humanity just to show me how much of a fool I really am for believing people could care without getting paid for it.

How bout that? 

But some how I’m broke, physically, emotionally, mentally, and a dollar can’t fix that so fuck financially.

How bout that? 

So when you found the perfect words to soften the blow for when you broke my heart it’s unfortunate you forgot about the ledge you found me on.

The one I almost slipped off when you saved me.

The one I’m writing this letter from.

The one that wished a bus would of ran me over after you shared those words that wasn’t suppose to break my heart, 

Now those words are held in contempt of my heart and they’re guilty of premeditated murder.
Goodbye cruel world


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