I’m losing

The more I try to succumb to societal norms the more I’m losing my mind. School, work, money its all just a past time till we all reach our ends. Why does it have to mean so much when the connections we have to one another mean so little. Why are we competing when there are children who haven’t eaten and in America all we do is waste.

My heart goes to all the hard working overachieving people your success amounts to recognition and financial boosts, but what have you done for someone else who isn’t so fortunate. Or are you chasing more money, what will that get you.

Save the cameras, fame and I’m not even trying to make a name for myself. Why can’t I just sit around and love people all day long. The things we chase affect characteristics of wonderful human beings.

As usual I’m just in my feelings and ranting but the longer I study for a test and chase money the more I’m adding to the issue.
Why me?

Why me? 

Why us?
Is sitting in my bathtub listening to neo soul and drinking wine forever really that bad? 
I don’t think so but it’s unacceptable.
The bills have to be paid if I want to enjoy my wine and bubble baths with the sweet aroma of eucalyptus..

Until then Maxwell and D’Angelo are the only loves I know.