Dear Black People,

When will you realize that we are a threat to the society Europeans set out to build when they snatched us from our Mother Land. Our land was the richest, purest most beautiful land. We worked hard to maintain our famiilies, the true prize in life. We lived in villages where we all helped take care of one another. We created even more beautiful things with the fruit of our land. Now we slave in a system of money generating when hundred of years ago money wasn’t a real thing. We are in the “impoverished” communities and feel we are lesser in value because we don’t have everything they put on the TV’s that they want us to crave and desire. When will you realize just like they snatched us from our families in Africa they are subconsciously driving us from our families today. Spend more time at work to make more money to obtain an unnecessary lifestyle to keep up with European built standards. Now more than ever we need to stick by our families, our people. Support the black community and black-owned businesses to build ourselves up. Learn the land and make use of it. Because our beauty, knowledge, and strength are what they truly fear and you shall not give them the benefit of getting caught up in their system. Things will Never be in our favor but as long as we have the love and support for each other we will supersede our purpose and have something they can never take away from us. So please stop trying to please the standards of America that were never in our favor to begin with.