Guardian Angel…?

Great was the wait..
and they say things worth having
aren’t easy to obtain,
but this angel came falling
and I don’t know if it’s my calling,
but I’m lost and I’m found
in the sea of brown
because you see me…
Beyond the lights
even in the night
you see me….
You see….
In me?
Which couldn’t be
See I preferred the hot pursuit
When I served
and you missed
But now you follow through
or Do you?
My perception is tainted by infatuation
on the lonely road to emptiness
because I’m to give you all
that you want or need, but as reality sinks
you want things, but not me
Or if I’m what you want
its very difficult to see.
But I put myself in the position to be
used, but not needed so I won’t say Im
When I was the very one to jump in the sea of brown
and I’m tumbling down
Into the abyss
Where you have the net, but you seem to miss
I’ve confirmed that I’m still lost
and now i refuse to be found.


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