Are Your Wings For Me?

Im lost in a sea of my own mental confusion
Where I’ve hidden myself so well
I couldn’t even begin to tell
you who I really am
but I’m learning…
I’m just a girl with doubt
and insecurities
lost in the purity
of your brown eyes
that hopes one day
I can be enough,
but at the same time
I don’t want to ask for too much
but where does the line cross?
I find comfort in your wings
and warmth in your touch
but the problem is I think too much
I think that you won’t like me
when the layers start to peel
and I try really hard to mask what I feel
because people don’t care
about the things i try to share
and although thats not true for you
something about your consistence
patience and ability to make everything okay
Please forgive my circumstance because
I wonder if you’ll stay.
and I can’t help but question
Are your wings for me?
Or the time being?


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