Glutton For Spoiled Milk

I take a sip then i feel it
You got what I want, but not what I need
Your comfort, you’re warmth, your protection,
but I’m unsure of your intentions.
You got what i want, but not what I need
Calcium, my strength, but also my vitamin D.
I churn for you, i yearn for you,
but thats just how I do
the farther I get into this glass
I’m not sure how long this will last
Now I’m on the toilet contemplating
Maybe that last sip done did it
But I’ll still let you hit
I just want to be wanted you see
And you say there’s something about me
but I’m sure there was something about her
because she got to you before it went bad
So you say..
But she comes first
And I’m indulging on what she had
Or has?
I can’t keep track
I just know I can’t seem to stop drinking
the milk that does my body good
…but my heart and mind so bad.


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