Insufficient Funds


Why am I infatuated with love, but love does not love me?

It’s not suppose to hurt this bad, or this much, or for this long, but it does.

All the good times shared to prove the love and bond go out the window faster than the beat to your favorite rap song.

Can I be your favorite rap song?

Put me on repeat, recite me, but don’t you dare get tired.

Just Love me…

Love me…

Love me..

Oh how I wish you could just love me, like that rap song.

I want to be everything, but I am always reminded that I’m not

It hurts that you forget how much I love and how much I care

and the depths to which I would go

Because at times.. oh those dark times…

you mean more to me than life its self at times

I thought I expressed that.. but I guess it’s not enough

Why is it not enough to weaken the blows of your angry words?

Or have I shortchanged myself in the piggy bank of respect

Please forgive me, because Daddy left such a huge debt,

a debt I replaced with the finance of your love

and i find myself bankrupt in your absence

I need your return before Depression starts calling like Collections


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