Word Dictator


Delete, Backspace, erase

Get rid


Stupid Mistakes

Delete, Backspace, Erase

I had written a story I am sure my teacher would hate

Delete, Backspace, Erase

That idea I once thought shined so bright

Dulled like an overused pencil

Delete, Backspace, Erase

If only life’s mistakes were as easy to get rid of as the ones

confined between the margins of microsoft word

Theres tons of things I would

Delete, Backspace, Erase

It’s my own little world between these 1-inch margins

I control the fate of every character, object, adjective, and verb

at the tip of my fingers, and if they don’t satisfy me

Delete, Backspace, Erase

I re-read, rethought, and reworked these lines several times

My thoughts received a do-over

All thanks to

Delete, Backspace, and Erase.


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