Unrequited Love

I watched her every night for the past few weeks, through her open shade

windows. She would always put on a sports bra and a pair of brightly colored soffe shorts

as she prepared herself to go to bed. Her hair laid perfectly under the band of her sports

bra, dark and silky.Her skin dazzled with perfection, and oh how I wish to run my hands

down her well-toned form. She would smile sweetly at me through that window late at


The clock read 3:11 a.m as she looked out the window of her 12th-floor dorm

room. She showed no interest in the view, being that it was obstructed by another tower

of dorm rooms, one of them being mine, allowing me to have the best view of all campus.

Her view consisted of the Campus trolley food truck to the left and a piece of the

highway to her right.

I would visit her room as she went to class, and on several outings with her

friends. Every time I stepped inside the doorway, I was invited by the warm smell of

vanilla and sweet lavender. I took the glade air freshener, to use it in my room so I would

always feel her with me. I could only imagine how sweet it must be to get close to her.

If only she understood how important it was for her to get close to me.

I left her a note once.

I can’t deny what I feel for you

I hope you won’t deny me too.

The feelings in my heart are true

That You.

Yes you, are the reason I am no longer blue.

Not that I can change color or anything, but I was a smurf before my eyes set on you

Oh twelfth-floor dove

I wake up in full extension at the thought of you

I dream at night of your toes curling when our bodies mesh

Until it’s true, I bid thee adieu

I waited in my room hidden behind the curtain to watch her read my note. She

called in other girls on her floor to read the note and they all laughed.. hysterically.. at

ME. My love. But it wasn’t a joke. It was NOT a joke. I fell to the floor in tears as she

ripped up my devotions and let them fly out the very window of which I first laid eyes on

her beauty.

I’ve had enough. I had to get close to her. I had to show her how I felt. I had to

touch her. Smell her. Feel her.

Then… Then she would know that it’s not a joke.

And she’ll fall in love with me.

We’ll have babies… beautiful babies, because they’ll have her eyes and her soft

skin, and my love.

Today was the day, October 11th, I had Bruno Mars, “Marry you,” on repeat to

prepare myself. I looked in the mirror, smoothed out a few hairs, and straightened my tie.

I didn’t look half bad in my rented gray tux, and my floor mates freshly polished black

leather shoes. I looked out my window to see what she may be up to, but the blinds were

closed. I grabbed the bouquet of a half dozen white roses off my bed and the champagne

from the freezer of my mini fridge. I made my way downstairs and tiptoed past the

sleeping guard at the bottom of her tower.

The entire elevator ride up, I couldn’t help but picture the bright Colgate smile on

her face as I give her the flowers. She would put them aside and grab me into a full

embrace. She would proceed to tell me that she loves me, in between deep kisses, and she

would wrap her legs around me as we fall to the bed. Her hair would smell of warm

vanilla and sweet lavender. Everything would be magical, just like I planned it.

I crept down the dimly lit hall and stopped in front of room 1208. I could hear a

lot of moving around. Probably, having a hard time sleeping, but now I was here. I was

going to hold her as she fell asleep safe in my arms.

I grasped the cold silver handle and twisted it quietly as I slowly pushed the door

inwards. The smell of booze and must intrude my nostrils. I could hear quiet moans.

The room was dark with the exception of the light from a cell phone buzzing with calls.

This light bounced off the figure of my dove, mounted on top of Ryan, the President of

the Kappa Fraternity.

“Oh yeah bitch, just like that,”

I dropped the bouquet of roses as I turned to run out of the room. I ran down the

hallway, to the stairs and passed the security guard, I didn’t even care if he heard me and

wrote me up for sneaking into the girls tower.

I didn’t stop running, my vision blurred with tears of pain, hate, and a broken

heart. How could she? How could she do this to me? I love her? I love her so much, and

yet she chooses to be with that dick, that calls her a bitch? I would never. I should have

kicked his ass. How dare he degrade my dove. He probably forced her, filled her up with

alcohol, seduced her, and then had his way with her angelic body.

I just kept running trying to rid myself of the heart ached. The tears just wouldn’t

stop. The street lights were all just streams of blurring colors. I ran passed hundreds of

bright little white men.

I stopped to try to pull myself together, hunched over and out of breath. I looked

up at the other side of the street. Then there it was, the bright white dove changed to give

me her heart, and I ran to the other side to catch it, before it left me again.

I was knocked out of my borrowed shoes, I didn’t take my eyes off her heart as I

flew through the air, screaming because I was getting farther away from where I wished to be.

I closed my eyes for a second, blinking out the tears as I fell to the stone ground

of the highway. I reached out to where the heart was, but instead I saw him, opening the

blinds to her window, as loud sirens and bright lights came rushing to my side.


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