Loving Bastard


As Daddy played the stereotypical black male,

Occasional letters sent to a distant address,

Momma loved another man her heart grew stale…

Sorry Dad


I was, because no one ever stuck around

Fresh, Pure, Clean, virgin wool

Ready to give a beat down

To any Imposter that stepped foot in Daddy’s palace

But then the letters stopped,

I still rooted for you from the outside

Until, Phone calls became regularly dropped

The pain became too much to hide

I cried as I wrote

Until pain filled my throat

I ate.

Mom watched as I increased in weight

“Thunder Thighs” & “Chunky Monkey”

I hated what I’ve become

Those terrible names, describing me,

Once shouted down hall

Now “She’s half the size she use to be,”

Thank God for basketball.

My pre-teen years, were such a scare

Just cause daddy wasn’t here

Well guess what I’ve made it rather far

Although you left my heart with scar


I no longer desire the presence of another

But I give ode to my darling mother

She brought me up so well,

Loving me when when I raised hell

Well now I raised my grades

And Put away my blades

As I allow others into my world

As twirled

Out of control, as it may be

Through it all, I learned to love me.


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